Embracing the Future: Top Home Design Trends in 2024

Since the lockdowns in 2020, the world of home design is witnessing exciting innovations and shifts. Homeowners are finding new ways to maximize their living spaces and create homes that are not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.

You may have noticed some differences in new construction or remodeled homes. The windows and doors are trending larger, and there’s good reasons for that. Let’s explore some of the top home design trends for 2024, and how the right windows and doors can help you bring these trends to life.

Staying in Place

Want extra living space, but don’t want to leave your neighborhood? In a world where space is at a premium, homeowners are increasingly opting to enhance their existing homes rather than buying a cookie-cutter house with excessive square footage. Some expand their homes vertically rather than horizontally.

A trendy choice for 2024 is the addition of balconies. These open-air spaces provide an oasis for relaxation and a connection to the outdoors. The pandemic got a lot of people reflecting on ways to improve their health and mental well-being.

Installing large, panoramic windows or sliding glass doors leading to the balcony can flood your interior space with natural light and make the area feel more expansive. This does not only cuts down on your lighting bill, but coupled with energy efficient designs, your heating and cooling costs can be also reduced.

Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces:

The line between indoor and outdoor spaces continues to blur in 2024. Homeowners are looking to create seamless transitions between their living areas and outdoor environments. The pandemic gave rise to the value of being outside, and prioritizing time spent with friends and family.

Bi-fold or sliding glass doors are the perfect solution. They allow you to open up entire walls, transforming your living room or kitchen into an indoor/outdoor paradise, ideal for entertaining and relaxation.

Adding Accessory Dwelling Units:

As multigenerational living and sustainable housing options gain popularity, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are on the rise. These standalone buildings can take on a multitude of needs from an office, a place for young-adult children and aging parents, or even using it as a rental unit.

To enhance the functionality and aesthetics of these secondary living spaces, choose windows and doors that offer plenty of natural light and ventilation while maintaining privacy for both the ADU and the main house.

Passthrough Windows:

Passthrough windows are making a comeback, especially in kitchens and bars. These convenient openings connect indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a sense of openness and ease for serving food and drinks.

Opt for stylish and easy-to-operate window designs that fit your overall home decor and allow for smooth interaction between indoor and outdoor spaces. Not only will outdoor entertaining be made much easier, but you’ll look effortlessly cool to your neighbors, friends, and family.

Living in Barns:

Well, not really. Unless you were living under a rock, you noticed the farmhouse aesthetic everywhere over the past several years. However, there’s a new look on the block. Rustic and charming, barn-style homes are a hot trend in 2024. With their sloping roofs and large windows and massive sliding doors, these homes offer a cozy and inviting ambiance.

Barns evoke a sense of traditional and the familiar with the ever popular contemporary and clean lines of these historically utilitarian buildings. Open floor concepts and the use of lots of glass and large outdoor openings, brings the opportunities to incorporate the trends of entertaining and bringing the outdoors in.

Choose windows with grid patterns or decorative elements that complement the barn-style aesthetic, and consider doors that add a touch of farmhouse charm.

Corner Windows:

Corner windows are all about maximizing views and light. They create a focal point and give your home a contemporary edge. It allows for a more panoramic view of the exterior of your home. Again, it follows the pattern we’ve been seeing of blurring the lines between your outdoors and interior. It provides the design of nature to take centerstage.

Select corner windows with energy-efficient glass to ensure comfort and energy savings, and make them a standout feature in your interior design. Enjoy the view!

Biophilic Home Design is the Future

As we step into 2024, it’s clear that homeowners are prioritizing functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics in their home designs. At Family Windows & Doors, we’re here to help you embrace these trends with the perfect window and door solutions.

Whether it’s expanding your living space with a balcony, creating seamless indoor/outdoor living, or adding accessory dwelling units, our expert team can assist you in selecting the right windows and doors to transform your vision into reality. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities for your home’s design and functionality.