Replacement Doors in Asheville

Your Asheville home is your sanctuary, a place of comfort and security. But are your doors truly up to the task of protecting what matters most? Drafty, outdated doors can be a major weak spot, compromising your home’s security, energy efficiency, and curb appeal.

Invest in peace of mind and elevate your Asheville home with high-quality doors from Family Windows & Doors! Call us at 864-982-0957 to schedule a free consultation for replacement doors in Asheville with our experts today and discover the difference a beautiful, secure door can make.

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Why Do I Need High-Quality Doors for My Home?

High-quality doors offer a multitude of benefits for your Asheville home, enhancing your security, comfort, and overall value.

Here’s a closer look at the specific advantages you can expect:

Enhanced Security

Your home is your sanctuary, and a strong entry door is the first line of defense against intruders. High-quality doors from Family Windows & Doors are constructed with sturdy materials like steel or solid wood, featuring reinforced frames and secure locking mechanisms.

This deters potential break-ins and provides peace of mind knowing your family and belongings are safe inside. We offer a variety of door styles with advanced security features, including multi-point locking systems, deadbolts with reinforced strike plates, and peepholes for added visibility.

Increased Home Value

The curb appeal of your Asheville home is significantly impacted by your entry door. A beautiful, well-maintained door creates a welcoming first impression and adds a touch of sophistication to your home’s exterior.

When it comes time to sell, potential buyers appreciate the upgrade of a high-quality door, recognizing the value it adds to the overall property. Investing in new replacement doors in Asheville is a smart way to boost your home’s resale value and potentially recoup your investment when you sell.

Improved Weather Resistance

Asheville experiences a variety of weather conditions throughout the year, from sweltering summers to chilly winters and occasional heavy rain or wind. High-quality doors are built to withstand these elements, protecting your home’s interior from the outside environment.

Features like weatherstripping seals around the door frame prevent drafts and leaks, keeping your home comfortable year-round. This is particularly important for energy efficiency, as drafts around leaky doors can significantly impact your heating and cooling costs.

Additionally, doors with a high wind resistance rating can provide added peace of mind during storms.

Reduced Energy Costs

As mentioned above, high-quality doors with proper weatherstripping and insulation significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. By preventing drafts and leaks, these doors help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without your heating and cooling systems working overtime.

This translates to lower energy bills and a more sustainable home environment. Family Windows & Doors offers a variety of options for energy-efficient replacement doors in Asheville to suit your needs and budget, helping you save money on your utility costs while contributing to a greener future.

Image is of a composite wood front door, concept of replacement doors in Asheville

What Are the Types of Doors We Offer?

At Family Windows & Doors, we understand that your Asheville home deserves a door that reflects your style and prioritizes security and functionality.

We offer a comprehensive selection of replacement doors in Asheville to meet your specific needs:

Entry Doors

As the focal point of your home’s exterior, your entry door makes a significant first impression. We offer a variety of materials, styles, and security features to create the perfect entryway for your Asheville home. Choose from the warmth and beauty of natural wood, the durability and low-maintenance of fiberglass, or the strength and affordability of steel.

We can also help you explore composite materials that offer the aesthetics of wood with the weather resistance of fiberglass. We offer entry doors with multi-point locking systems, reinforced deadbolts, and high-security doorjambs to deter break-ins and provide peace of mind.

Double Doors

Make a grand statement and create a more spacious and inviting entryway with beautiful double doors. Double doors are perfect for larger homes, high-traffic areas, or when you simply want to add a touch of grandeur to your Asheville home’s exterior. We offer double doors in various materials and styles to complement your taste and architectural style.

Sliding Glass Doors

Bring the beauty of the Asheville outdoors into your living space with sleek and functional sliding glass doors. Perfect for patios and decks, sliding glass doors offer expansive views and seamless access to your outdoor living areas.

We have a variety of sliding glass door options in different sizes and configurations to suit your space and preferences. Consider features like Low-E glass for added energy efficiency or tinting options for privacy and UV protection.

Swinging Glass Doors

Elegant and functional, swinging glass doors are a great choice for interior applications or accessing balconies. They allow for easy access and provide ample natural light, creating a bright and airy feel in your home. We offer swinging glass doors in various materials and styles, including French doors with multiple panels for a classic European look.

Storm Doors

An often-overlooked upgrade, storm doors provide an extra layer of protection against the elements while preserving your main entry door. This translates to improved energy efficiency as your main door is less exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Storm doors also offer additional security and can help reduce outside noise, creating a quieter and more comfortable living environment. We offer storm doors in various styles and configurations to complement your existing entry door.

What is the Installation Process for Doors?

At Family Windows & Doors, we understand that replacing a door can be a significant project for your Asheville home. We’re committed to making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of our installation process for replacement doors in Asheville, from initial consultation to final installation:

Pre-Installation Consultation

  • Understanding Your Needs: Our experienced representative will schedule a convenient time to visit your home. During this consultation, we’ll discuss your needs, preferences, and budget. Whether you’re looking for a stylish entry door to enhance curb appeal, a secure storm door for added protection, or an energy-efficient patio door, we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your replacement doors in Asheville.
  • Expert Door Recommendations: Our representative will measure your doorways to ensure a precise fit for your new door. We’ll also discuss various door options available, including materials, styles, and hardware finishes. Our knowledgeable team can answer any questions you may have about the features and benefits of different door types to help you make an informed decision.
  • Transparent Quotes and Clear Communication: Once you’ve chosen your ideal door, we’ll provide a detailed quote outlining the specific door, hardware, and installation costs. There are no hidden fees, and we’ll ensure you understand all aspects of the project before moving forward.

Door Installation

  • Prompt and Prepared Installers: Our certified installers will arrive on time with all the necessary tools and materials for a seamless installation of your replacement doors in Asheville. They’ll treat your home with respect, using protective drop cloths to minimize dust and debris.
  • Careful Removal and Disposal: The first step involves carefully removing your existing door and frame. Our installers will ensure proper disposal of the old door and materials, leaving your work area clean and tidy.
  • Meticulous Installation for Optimal Performance: Your new replacement doors in Asheville will be meticulously installed using precise techniques to ensure a secure fit and proper operation. Our team will pay close attention to alignment, leveling, and hardware functionality.
  • Weatherproofing for Year-Round Comfort: One of the most crucial steps is meticulous sealing of the door frame. We use high-quality weatherproofing materials to create a tight barrier against the elements, preventing drafts, leaks, and energy loss. This ensures your new door contributes to a more comfortable and energy-efficient home environment.
  • Clean Up and Final Touches: Once the installation is complete, our team will thoroughly clean up the work area, leaving your home spotless. They’ll also take the time to review the operation and maintenance of your new door, ensuring you feel confident using and caring for it.

Expected Timeline

The timeframe for door replacement can vary depending on the complexity of your project, the chosen door style, and material availability. In general, you can expect the entire process for replacement doors in Asheville, from the initial consultation to the final installation, to take 1-2 weeks.

However, for custom door orders or projects requiring additional modifications, the timeline may be slightly extended. Our team will provide a more precise timeline based on your specific project during the consultation.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Family Windows & Doors prioritizes safety throughout the entire installation process of our replacement doors in Asheville. Our installers:

  • Wear Complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): This includes safety glasses, gloves, and proper footwear to protect themselves and those around them during the installation.
  • Follow Strict Safety Protocols: Our team adheres to strict safety protocols to minimize risks and ensure a safe working environment.
  • High-Quality Materials and Industry Standards: We use only high-quality materials and ensure all installations meet industry standards and building codes. This guarantees the durability, functionality, and safety of your new door.

Why Choose Family Windows & Doors for Your Replacement Doors in Asheville?

Choosing Family Windows & Doors for your Asheville door replacement project guarantees exceptional service and lasting value:

  • Professional Installation: Our certified installers take pride in meticulous craftsmanship and ensure a perfect fit and finish for your new door.
  • Lifetime Warranty: We offer a lifetime warranty on the workmanship of our installations, providing you with peace of mind.
  • Free In-Home Consultation: Our experts will visit your home to assess your needs and provide a personalized consultation, free of charge.

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