5 Halloween Ideas for Your Front Door

Halloween is such a fun time for families to decorate their homes. You can all go together to a Pumpkin Patch, or a local farm and pick out pumpkins, corn, and stalks. You might even get lucky and get to go through a Corn Maze. Haunted Houses have become very popular, so if you want to get scared you should be able to find one to suit your needs. If you aren’t into all that nature visiting or have allergies, you can buy everything just mentioned at a craft store or local vegetable stand. Decorations are very inexpensive at stores like Dollar Tree, Walmart, or on Amazon. The family at Family Windows and Doors wants to show you five front door ideas that we think are Halloween-worthy.

#1 Kid Friendly, Spooky/Silly Door

Very easy, kid-friendly, door design. Your kids can help with almost every part and will be proud when others come to knock at the door.


  • Large black plastic tablecloth, if your door is not black
  • Streamers for hair
  • Masking tape for mouth
  • 2 paper plates for eye
  • Black paper (cut into circles for the eyes)
  • Scissors

kid friendly door

#2 Pumpkin Door

Very easy, friendly. This decoration can be left up if you do not write BOO on the Fun-Kins


  • 2 Fun-Kins – Cut ½ – Paint BOO or what you want on the outside
  • Hang on door with Command wire hooks
  • Use maple leaf garland around door
  • Set mums, corn husks, and pumpkins around the door

pumpkin door

#3 Shiny Spider Wreath

This shiny black wreath is simple and inexpensive to make. It’s just not suitable for people with arachnophobia.


  • 20 Broadsheets of Newspaper rip each into 1/8 for 160 pieces, fold each in a floret shape
  • Round garden metal wreath
  • Black Spray paint
  • Pull newspaper floret through wreath, staple if needed
  • Spray finished wreath with 3-4 coats of black spray paint

If you do not have an red door, cover with a large red tablecloth. Hang wreath with a Command strip. Spread artificial spider web across wreath and drape over door. Hang large red spiders on door.

spider wreath door decoration

#4 Spooky Old Books

For the intellectual that wants to decorate just a little, a scary book door.

Make the Book Door:

  • Cut long, thin rectangular pieces of differing colored kraft paper (we used red, gray, and black).
  • Draw titles of books on the paper.
  • Outline letters with gold paint pens.
  • Fill in outline with paint pen or gold acrylic paint.
  • Attach to door with double-sided tape.

spooky books door

#5 Keep Out!

This is our scariest door, and it’s really not so bad. This one will work well if you have double doors too.

To make the wreath:

  • Select a pre-made grapevine wreath that is loosely woven. Add a strand of green lights woven into the back & sides. Weave plastic snakes into the wreath, leaving the heads out.
  • To cover the door:
  • Stretch cobwebs to cover door; secure with masking tape. Cut cardboard to resemble various sized wood slats. Paint a “Keep Out” sign on two slats lower than where the wreath will hang. Glue bolts to each piece of cardboard. Tape slats to the door. String glow in the dark chains, or green lights around the door.
  • Add ghosts, tombstones, slime, and any other extras.

spooky front door for Halloween

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